Tilted Earth – Making the Knife – Part 3 – The rest of the piece.

The rest of the piece is the tie in.  I started by consuming a nice bottle of 2013 Lan Pai.  I really should have saved this bottle for a couple more years, but…  my will power isn’t that strong.

bottle 1

Using a pitch and angle meter,  I make marks at 21 degrees – the tilt of the earth on the summer solstice.

pitch bottle mark


Now it is time to use a diamond bit to cut out my slots…

cutting the bottle

So, a little bit of truth time,  the first bottle of Lan Pai, cracked from the heat, so I was forced to open and consume a second bottle (darn the bad luck),  and dang it, if the second bottle didn’t do the same thing.  Well, they say the third time is the charm. It was for me, and it was for this piece.

The base of the bottle is made of bonded Arizona oak staves from the Page Springs Winery and a piece of birds-eye maple from Oregon.  These were bonded together with a bit of wood adhesive.  Wood that has been soaked for a long time develops voids.  Splits and cracks form and there are places where the staves weren’t quite square or even.  I also needed to be able to mount the bottle into the board at a 21 degree angle.  So I started out by drawing around the base of the bottle and set to removing the wood in the bottle mount.

base 1

What I discovered is that the board was not thick enough to support the tilt, so I decided to build it up a bit.  I was set on using as many Arizona materials as I could, and thought this would be a perfect place to use some of the Malachite that I had from the Morenci Mine.  I had specifically sourced some ground Turquoise from the Sleeping Beauty mine in Globe, and some ground Malachite from the Copper Queen in Bisbee.

As I mentioned, there are many voids in the wood left by the wet/dry cycle of the barrels.  I filled these voids with raw copper dust, the turquoise, and the Bisbee malachite and I ground the Morenci malachite to build-up the board and help support the bottle.


After they are all assembled, I test fit them on the bench and then

on the workbench

it is time to take the product, and head to the winery.  We took this up to Build-a-Blend at Page Springs Cellars.  Matt helped me out.  He was setting up for Build-a-Blend, but was very accommodating.  He and Gayle…  So now we get some pictures, of the staves at home, and the bottle at home.  The staves were in the tasting room as the sample that they used to show to people, so it is only fitting that the first pictures taken were on the counter in the tasting room.

in the tasting room

Because we were there for Build-a-Blend, we were able to take pictures from the far end of the winery.

looking at the tasting room across the grapes

After Build-a-Blend, Matt started up the line, corked, foiled and labeled the bottle.  The label is an Arizona White Oak 2013 Grenache from the Estate.

the Label


The last step is to take it to the vineyard and take pictures.

in the vineyard


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